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Bible For Young Children

This Bible app for young kids contains over 500 touch activated animations with sounds and music themes brings to life all the timeless stories from the Bible.

Bible for Young Children includes 45 Bible Stories which are illustrated and retold for ages 3 and up.

This Bible app for young kids will be a family treasure for years to come as it contains over 500 touch animations with sounds and musical themes to bring to life all the timeless stories from God’s Word.

The Bible stories are retold faithfully by Christian teacher Dawn Mueller.

In the settings menu you can turn on and off the music themes as well as the sound effects if you only want to hear the stories read aloud and enjoy the wonderful bright illustrations.
In this way the app allows for different reading experiences using the interactive nature of the touch screen.

The same app works on both iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini.

Old Testament Stories
The Creation &Fall (Genesis 1-3) FREE DOWNLOAD
The Great Flood & Tower of Babel (Genesis 6-9 + 11)
The Time of the Patriarchs (Genesis 11-33)
Joseph in Egypt (Genesis 37-47)
Moses – God’s Chosen Leader (Exodus 1-34)
The Promised Land (Numbers 13-14; Joshua 1-6)
Judges (Judges 6-16, 1. Samuel 1-3)
Israel’s Kings (1. Samuel 8-9; 1. Kings 1-8)
God’s Prophets (1. Kings 16-18; Jonah 1-3)
Exile in Babylon (Daniel 1-6)
Queen Esther (Book of Esther)

New Testament Stories
Jesus Childhood (Luke 1-2; Matthew 1)
Jesus of Nazareth (Mark 1-3; John 1)
Miracles of Jesus (John 2; Luke 8-9)
Stories Jesus Told (John 10; Luke 10, 15, 18)
The Story of Easter (Luke 19-24; Matthew 21-28)
Jesus Returns to Heaven (John 20-21; Luke 24, Acts 1-2; Revelation 21-22)

Mega Book Bundle
Please, note there is a “Mega Book Bundle” where you can purchase all the stories in a single inn app for a strongly rebated price of over 40% compared to purchasing the stories individually.