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Bible Activities – New Testament

"This is brilliant for the content for small children we have lots of fun with it and the children learn about the bible"
Review by "Help me pick one"

Let your kid be introduced to the favorite stories from the New Testament in a manner faithfully retold to God’s Word while at the same time having fun and being creative!

A fantastic educational and captivating app for every parent or Bible School teacher wanting to walk young children through the most relevant and important New Testament events leading up to the fulfillment of times in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Features all the following:

# 13 Jigsaw puzzles & Bible Stories from the New Testament
# A self-recording mode so the Bible stories can be read aloud while playing with the jigsaw puzzles
# 6 additional black and white sketches based on 6 New Testament stories to be colored
# The option to draw and color freely
# 2 different difficulty levels Memory Game
# A Kid-friendly interface & menu functionality
# No in-app purchase

Bible Stories & Jigsaw Puzzle:

Read and record the selected stories from the New Testament in your own voice and give your kid a unique learning experience as they make the 13 fun jigsaw puzzles based on colorful illustrations from the New Testament. The puzzles are available in two levels of difficulty.

Memory Game:

The App also contains a memory game available in a simple (12 memory cards) or advanced level (25 memory cards) based on different elements from the stories which will make the children learn and think of these events in Jesus’ life.

Coloring Pages:

The app also contains coloring pages based on colorful illustrations from the New Testament and the option to draw and color freely as well, which provide many options for creativity and will captivate the kids for hours.

The Bible Stories & jig saw puzzles included are:
# Jesus is Born (Luke 1-2)
# Jesus Grows up with God’s Favor (Luke 2: 21-50)
# Jesus is Baptized (Mark 1, Matthew 4)
# Jesus Calls the First Disciples (Matthew 4: 18-20, Mark 1: 19-20)
# The Wedding in Cana (John 2: 1-11)
# Jesus the Great Teacher (Matthew 5-7)
# Stories Jesus Told (Luke 15)
# Jesus the Healer (Mark 1:40-45, Mark 2:1-12, Luke 18:35-43)
# Jesus Feeds the People and Jesus Walking on the Water (Matthew 14)
# Jesus in Jerusalem (Matthew 21)
# The Last Supper in the Garden of Gethesemane and Jesus before Pilate (Mark 14, Matthew 27)
# Jesus Dies on a Cross (Matthew 27, John 19)
# Jesus Lives again and Ascends to Heaven (John 20, Acts 1:9-11)

Please, note: Bible Activities—Old Testament is also available to download in the app store!