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Lift-The-Flap Bible Stories

"Fantastic! We just downloaded this app it's great! My daughter 3yrs old, just wanted to keep going & going!"
Review by Anamichelle Castellano

Lift-The-Flap Bible Stories is a classic concept which children love. This is a new and interactive Bible app with touch activated flaps-to-open and sounds on every page.

Lift The Flap Bible Stories keeps toddlers and preschoolers busy as they learn best-loved Bible stories. Little fingers are helped through the stories by following the little star which leads through the stories as they touch and see what is hiding behind the flaps. Touching each of the 40 flaps will be a both fun and a great learning experience at the same time because the hidden surprises behind each flap will make it easier to remember the point of the story!

Lift The Flap Bible Stories includes all of the following

# 20 Bible stories illustrated with bright vibrant artwork by Jakob Kramer
# 40 touch-activated flaps-to-open which shows the hidden behind the scene point of the story
# Bible stories retold faithfully by American Christian teacher, Dawn Mueller
# Over 35 fun sounds and music themes for each of the stories


# The Story of Creation (Genesis 1-2)
# Noah’s Big Boat (Genesis 6-9)
# Moses–God’s Chosen Leader! (Exodus 3-20, Numbers 21)
# Daniel and His Friends (Daniel 3-6)
# Jonah and the Great Fish (The Book of Jonah)
# When Jesus Was Born (Luke 2 + Matthew 2)
# Jesus is Baptized (Mark 1:1-12)
# The Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11)
# The Miracles of Jesus: Jairus’ Daugther (Luke 8:40-56); The Lame Man Through the Roof (Mark 2:1-12); Jesus Feeds 5000 (John 6:1-14); Stilling the Storm; (Mark 4:35-41), The Big Catch of Fish (Luke 5:1-11)
# Stories Jesus Told: The Good Samaritan Neighbour (Luke 10:25-37); The House on Sand & Solid Rock (Matthew 7:24-27); The Lost Coin, Lost Sheep & Lost Son (Luke 15).
# The Story of Easter (Matthew 28, John 20)


“My 5 year old loves this interactive Bible. iPod so old that it’s incompatible with most but this one works and is great! Highly recommended.” by “Camigirls3”

“My 3 year old granddaughter just LOVES this app she prefers this to any other and never tires of it. I like that it is true to the bible. Thanks great work ;)” by “Happy til now”

“Best Childrens Bible App yet! I love this app! It’s user friendly, even for a 2 1/2 year old. My grandson loves it! We’ve added this program to his daily HomeSchool schedule. What a wonderful, fun way for a toddler to learn from the Bible!” By “Lisa V.”