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The Shepherd and the sheep

In this flap book, you can help the shepherd find the lost sheep, and in the search you will find a long list of biblical stories.

The Bible contains many stories of shepherds and sheep. The most well-known image from the New Testament is Jesus proclaiming Himself the Good Shepherd. This is something even a child can understand. The good and caring shepherd goes out and searches and searches for the little sheep that are lost. We are all, children and grownups alike, reminded that our Good Shepherd loves us so much that He will look for us if we stray away from Him.

In our new flap book, the little sheep has wandered away. The shepherd goes out to find it and bring it back again. In each of the many places the shepherd is searching, the child may lift open a flap to help the shepherd find the sheep. The book contains 10 different “search and find” scenes with wonderfully made flaps to open. There is a Biblical reference explaining what is found beneath each flap. As parents and children help the shepherd find the lost sheep, they will discover ways that the Good Shepherd cares for them.